Software for a Growing Business

Vinea is operations software for “growing businesses” such as Vineyards, Orchards, Growers and Horticulture Contractors, streamlining the management and pastoral care of staff and the tracking of jobs allocated to managers and individual staff out in the field.
Vinea Integrates with leading payroll and finance systems, delivering a seamless flow of time and piecework information from mobile devices in the field through to the payment of workers and invoicing or accounting entries.
Vinea provides access to quality data and information to assist in monitoring and analysing current activity and profitability and allows an understanding of historical trends to improve business efficiency.
  • Share crucial vineyard/orchard information seamlessly between the office and the field
  • Reduce operating cost per hectare
  • Flexible delivery of services – by the hour, by piecework, with group or individual work at row or block level
  • Aid compliance with immigration, labour and health and safety requirements

What can Vinea do for you?


It's not only software for a growing business - it's software to grow your business

Easier administration

Our vineyard and orchard operations management software will take care of your timesheets, payroll and invoicing - all in one place.

Improve your teamwork

Use Vinea to create worker profiles with each individual's skills, training and immigration details and more.

Orchard, Vineyard and Horticulture operations
time and piecework management software

Manage your jobs on the fly with job allocations, job status and message tools.

Know your environment

Create profiles of where you're working, e.g. vineyard location, blocks, rows, variety, vine count...

Better health and safety outcomes in the field

Log hazard records in the field or from the office for health and safety management. Brief Workers. Record and manage incidents and accidents.

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